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4 Dec 2012

Kate Middleton Mengandung

Baru je dengar di Berita TV, Kate Middleton Mengandung
Ye..memang dia bukan sedara mara saya..hehe
Tapi public figure...keluarga diraja yang sangat glamer.. seperti Mendiang Puteri Diana dulu..apa saje cerita tentang beliau sure kita nak ambil tau kan..

Jom kita baca berita di sebalik cerita ini...


LONDON – Queen Elizabeth announced that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant!
Kate Middleton is pregnant with Prince William’s first child.   The announcement was made by Kate with her friend Victoria Beckham standing at her side.
Beckham reportedly encouraged Kate to have a baby  because “it is one of the best things in the world.”

Royal insiders believed that Kate would get pregnant within the first two years of her marriage to Prince William, but everyone was surprised at how fast it happened.
“Prince William and Princess Kate recently spent over fifteen hours in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace,” said Royal butler, Thomas Hillstrom.  “They spent quite a lot of time ‘enjoying’ each other’s company.”

 Many in England are now speculating that Kate was pregnant at the time of the wedding, but lost the child.  However, Royal gynecologist, Dr. Fritz Barnwell,  said “Kate was definitely not pregnant at her wedding. We know this because the Queen had us test her to ensure that she was without child.  But today, at Prince William’s request, we performed pregnancy tests on Kate and we can confirm, decidedly, that she is one month  pregnant.”

 Queen Elizabeth is thrilled to learn that she will have her first great-grandchild.  Prince Charles, however, is not so happy.  “What’s the point of having a baby, when the world is about to burn up.  We must all stop using fossil fuels, we must kill all the cows, and we must plant as many trees as possible,” Prince Charles said before getting onto his private jet in Los Angeles with twenty-five members of his staff.

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